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The United Kingdom Overview

United Kingdom: London Piccadilly

Thanks to its historical heritage, natural beauty, and famed attractions, the United Kingdom (UK) is consistently one of the top travel destinations in Europe and in the world. Comprised of constituent countries England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is home to major cities London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast, as well as some of Europe’s finest travel sights like Stratford-upon-Avon, Edinburgh Castle, Hadrian’s Wall, and the Giant’s Causeway.
Surrounded by water, travel to the United Kingdom can be achieved by plane, ferry, train, or car.
Visitors typically find the country an amazing blend of the historic and modern, the posh and rebellious, the elegant and quaint.
Over a 12-month period ending September 2007, travel to the United Kingdom showed an overall increase of 1%, reaching 32.4 million visitors for the year.
The United Kingdom’s location in relation to other countries in Europe makes it an ideal destination for travel both near and far.
The country’s extensive rail system makes travel in the United Kingdom simple for everyone.
With a rail ticket, one can go from London to any of the UK’s major cities and with a rail pass, travel to other countries, such as France or the Netherlands, is a simple ride away.
This accessibility is one of the reasons why the United Kingdom is such a wonderful travel port.
A travel holiday there can also mean a day-trip to Belgium, Germany, or Spain.
With a car, one can travel from the United Kingdom straight to France via the Channel Tunnel.
Visitors to the United Kingdom will find an excellent selection of accommodations to choose from.
From five-star luxury hotels to cozy bed-and-breakfasts to backpacker hostels, the choice is yours.
Bear in mind that the United Kingdom has a high cost-of-living, which also translates to those who travel there.
The strong pound means that for every U.S. dollar, you’re looking at about half a pound sterling (£).
Nonetheless, shopping in the United Kingdom is a travel treat, as is visiting all the popular landmarks the United Kingdom is home to.
Travel to any of them is quite the experience.
Indeed, this is where Stonehenge is, where the Roman Baths are, where Shakespeare wrote his masterpiece plays!
The United Kingdom indulges travel dreams, offering history, beauty, the theatre, and a monarchy.
As for dining out in the United Kingdom, you’ll want to try the local cuisine.
Though travel to the United Kingdom is a dream holiday for most, it’s true that the food isn’t one of the major draws. However, the travel experience would be lacking if you didn’t try some of the United Kingdom’s favorites, such as authentic fish ‘n’ chips, oatcakes, and Yorkshire pudding.
What’s more, the terrific public transportation system makes having a pint at the local pub a must.
Surely, you wouldn’t want to travel to the United Kingdom without having a cold one. Or rather, a room-temperature one!
During your stay in the United Kingdom, expect to spend about $100 each day, which covers travel, food, and shopping.
This is on a budget though, so it’s quite possible you could spend more.
It’s true that the United Kingdom and the ease of travel to and from it, make it difficult to resist wanting to see it all. But just remember that sightseeing is typically free or at least, inexpensive.
All you really need is to 1) travel to the United Kingdom and 2) be clever in stretching your budget, to truly make the most of your stay – a holiday to remember.