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Lost & Found in the United Kingdom

Lost & Found

Thanks to the fact that the United Kingdom is a large country, there are more lost and found services than you’d usually find in smaller countries throughout Europe.
This is good news for travelers to the United Kingdom who happen to lose an important garment, camera, or other costly device.
Lost and found centers are usually attached to all major public venues, such as train stations, post offices, department stores, and supermarkets in the United Kingdom.
Your best bet when searching for the right lost and found in the United Kingdom is to go back through all the places you may have left that item, and contact their lost and found services individually.
There are a lot of honest people in the United Kingdom, but like any country, there are also a lot of people who want to make a buck, so if you left your iPhone at the train station, don’t be overly confident that someone returned it to the lost and found.
Always keep a close eye on your belongings while in the United Kingdom.