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Beaches of Spain

In Spain and Europe you will find many beaches to visit during your vacation.
You will want to plan a little for which beaches you would like to visit as some are nudist and gay beaches like those in Stiges Spain.
When you are traveling in Spain on vacation you will find some of the beaches are actually located on islands in the Mediterranean.
The sand will be white, soft, and the sea will offer you are refreshment during your vacation.
Some of the beaches offer water sports like other European beaches and others are on some of Spain’s islands offering a romantic vacation spot.
Europe and Spain offers a variety of facilities on their beaches including cubicles, showers, and of course rest rooms.
In Spain you will also find some of the top vacation resorts of Europe.
You have a choice between romance, family, water sports, nudist beaches, and Blue Flag beaches that offer cleanliness as well as fun.