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Italian Food


The great variety in the regional specialties of Italian cuisine all stem from the rich history of the country.
The diverse topography from mountains to coastlines and the very long period of division among the regions are partly responsible for what is known as Italian cuisine today.
The different regions of Italy pride themselves in their own specialties, which can be as specific down at provincial level.
Besides being regional, Italian cuisine is also seasonal, since the use of fresh ingredients is a high priority.
The staple items in Italian cuisine as it is known today include cheese, wine and espresso, while Italy’s trademark dishes seem to be pasta and polenta.
While this is so, in traveling to Italy one will find that every town has their own kinds or ways of making these prominent dishes and food items

Eating in Italy

Vegetarian Cuisine

Food in Italy is very different region by region.
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Eating in Italy

Italian Drinks


Italians love good drinks as much as they have a love for good food.
Their hearty appetites and penchant for huge helpings have enabled them to incorporate staple drinks into their ...
Italian Drinks