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Italy Emergency

When you travel to Italy it is important that you know the telephone numbers for emergency services.
You will also need to know where the police and fire services can be found.
The numbers that you should keep with you for travel in Italy include:
12- telephone directory assistance,
112- Carabinieri,
113 Emergency Police (also ambulance and fire),
115- fire department,
116- Italian Auto Club, and
118- Medical Emergencies.
The Carabinieri of Italy are like a military police and have much of the same function as the regular police.
You will find that like all cities in Europe there are dangerous spots in Italy.
For your travels you should stay out of some of the seedier areas of the country.
At the moment for travel in Italy you will find the terrorist threat level low.
You will also find for Italy travel that the crime rates in the larger cities are relatively low.
You do need to watch out for pick pocketing, and the occasional street crime involving vehicles.