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Greece: Athens - Erechtheion

Greece is one of the favorite tourist destinations of Europe with countless places of interest. Greece not only is the birthplace of the Olympics, but it is also a centre of civilization and knowledge from ancient times.
That glorious tradition lives on today in the country’s modern culture.
Along with a great number of places of interest in Greece, it is also famous for sunny beaches, nightlife and numerous other hot spots, making it a perfect travel destination.
Each year more than fifteen million people travel to Greece to experience the vibrant cities, the scenic countryside and the sun soaked islands.

Acropolis - Η Ακρόπολης

Greece: Acropolis of Athens

When you travel to Greece for the first time you generally head immediately for the Acropolis. There are very few travel visitors in Greece, who are not already familiar with the image ...

Ancient Agora – Παλιά Αγορά

Greece: Athens  - Agora - Tower of Winds

Another good sight to travel in Greece, which every one must travel, is the ancient Agora.
When you travel to Greece you will notice below the Acropolis the remains of the Agora, ...
Ancient Agora

Erechtheion – Ερέχθειο

Greece: Athens - Erechtheion

When you travel to Greece the place of Erechtheion is considered the most beautiful and sacred of the shrines on top of the Acropolis in Greece, which its porch of the Caryatids.

Plaka – Πλάκα

Greece: Athens - Plaka

When you travel to Greece you will enjoy a nice walk at Plaka, the oldest section of Athens.
Many tourists who travel to Greece explore this part of Athens.
You can travel ...

Piraeus – Πειραιάς

Greece: Piraeus - Port

Piraeus, the third largest city of Greece is also a must travel place. Since antiquity, Piraeus has been the port city and today it has the largest port in Europe.
Piraeus is also ...

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