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Travel to Germany by Car

By Car

Take the opportunity to drive the famous Autobahn by traveling to Germany by car. Germany's autobahns cover a distance of approx. 11,000km and form an ultra-modern and efficient transport network. More than 700 filling stations, service areas and hotels are open in Germany around the clock.
German roads and highways are very well maintained, have no speed restrictions (in some sections) and most importantly are toll free. The traffic also drives on the right hand side.
Being adjacent to 9 different countries, the road network to access Germany is very good.
In the event of an accident or breakdown, the German Automobile Association (ADAC) can provide assistance throughout the country.
Members of an international partner organisation receive free assistance. Drivers are required to carry a valid driver's licence, the vehicle registration documents and proof of insurance.
Vehicles from other countries which do not have a European registration plate incorporating the country code are required to display a sticker showing their country of origin.
Leaded petrol is no longer available in Germany. Besides normal diesel, bio-diesel is also available. Germany also has an increasing number of gas filling stations.