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Germany Emergency


Germany is a very safe country and the law is strictly enforced. There are no ghettos but certain city areas should be visited with care. Recent statistics show a significant drop in major crimes like murder or robbery. Pickpockets can be a problem in large cities or at events with large crowds. Big cities also have their share of beggars and punks, but they are not dangerous. Germany has one of the world's best social systems, at least keeping its inhabitants alive, so those asking for money may be "professional beggars" who want to improve their standard of living. It is not illegal to give money to them, but keep in mind that they do not really need it.
The nationwide emergency number is 112 for medical emergencies and fires, while the police emergency number is 110.
Even if you call the "wrong" number, your call will be forwarded to the right emergency services.
These numbers can be dialed toll-free from any phone, including phone booths and mobile phones, even those without a valid SIM card.