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Nature and Greenery of France

France has one of the largest areas of natural landscapes and biosphere reserves. A biosphere reserve in France is going to have samples of the local landscape and ecosystem that is important to the earth’s systems. All over Europe you will find such biosphere reserves, however for France travel you will mainly want to concentrate on the areas around the wine country and other countryside of France. The idea behind the Europe biosphere reserves to travel to, especially in France is the offering of the geographical region, the natural plants, landscapes, and ecosystems you will find whether they are animal or plant. Think of it as Europe’s guide to a zoo.
While France and Europe do have zoos to travel to a zoo takes away the natural openness of the landscape.
Typical of Europe landscape you will find the wine country of France a great location to travel to for the natural landscape of the area.
Intermixed through the wine country of France and Europe is a natural beauty that is left untouched by the wineries to offer more to the region for travel.
In France you have the Alps that extend through Europe to offer wonderful travel destinations.
The travel in the Alps region of France offers you natural landscape with the snow covered mountains.
More of Europe’s charm in France for travel includes the rivers.
While in some areas of France the rivers have been built around you will find in the mountains the rivers’ of France are still untouched by towns in varying segments.
France still has a lot of untouched landscape to offer any visitor.

Cevennes National Park

France: Nature - Cevennes National Park

The Cevennes National Park is located in the southern portion of France.
This area of France is considered to be extremely mountainous lending to the overall magnificence of the ...
Cevennes National Park

Ecrins National Park

France: Nature - Ecrins National Park

The Ecrins National Park is in the French Alps, where you can enjoy during your travels some of France’s most spectacular hikes, campsites, and mountain biking trails.
Oisans is ...
Ecrins National Park

Mercantour National Park

France: Nature - Mercantour National Park

The Mercantour National Park was created in 1979 and is one of the most popular parks in France.
This national park is located an hour outside of Nice France, making it one of the ...
Mercantour National Park

Pyrenees National Park

France: Nature - Pyrenees National Park

This France national park was started in 1967.
The Pyrenees National Park is located in Southern France on the border between Spain.
Things to discover in this particular ...
Pyrenees National Park

Vanoise National Park

The Vanoise National Park in France is perhaps the oldest park in the country having been opened in July of 1963.
This France natural park is also located in a part of the Alps.
Vanoise National Park

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