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France Overview

France: Paris

France is one of the hottest and most sought after countries when it comes to travel destinations in the EU. France is a centralized hub for people coming into Europe in addition to being a final travel destination for vacationers.
There are many reasons why you may want to travel through France, the EU and Europe in general.
One of the largest reasons that people travel to France is for the chance to see a wide range of historical sites. France is one of the richest countries for travel when it comes to historical monuments. France has wide variety of historical heritages dating back to the time of the Gaelic tribes, through the Roman Empires expansion and into modern history.
There are also a number of ways to travel in France including bus, car and train as well as being able to travel to France via, the airport, car or ferry. France has one of the best transportation systems found in Europe.
Of course travel in France would not be complete with trying out some of the finest in foods and wines that Europe has to offer. In fact, large portions of France are given over to the production of grapes and other types of farming. Travel tours are available of various wineries and vineyards throughout France and there are some people who travel strictly for these tours, excellent food and the best wines found anywhere in the word.
There are also excellent travel accommodations throughout France for any level of comfort and any type of traveler.
As you travel through France, you will find everything from travel chalets, villas, excellent travel hotels with the finest rooms and dining as well as a number of cozy hostels, bed and breakfasts and inns steeped in the history of France and perfect for any travel style.
Something else to consider when you travel to France is the emergency system that is a little different from the American system.
There are two tiers to the France emergency system as you travel.
The first consists of Basic life support for locals as well as people who travel, which are stationed at fire stations. The second for people who travel in France as well as the locals is Advanced life support, which consists of physician staffed ambulances rather than just medical response teams. Then there are continuous coverage surgeons and specialties in France along with a variety of different staffing patterns in order to provide the most coverage. This means that when you travel in France the level of health care is significantly higher than other countries for travel.