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National and State Holidays in France

France has eleven National and State holidays that are celebrated annually.
You will find that many of these holidays include week long festivals or carnivals.
Some of the top holidays celebrate in France include Christmas, New Years, Ash Wednesday, Labor Day, Victory Day, Bastille Day, and Armistice Day.
Like many cultures France celebrates holidays that have specific meanings to their nation or state.
Bastille Day in France is one of the oldest holidays having to do with 1880 in which the French and Church arrived at an agreement. It was the end of a monarchy and the start of the Republic.
France also has its own celebration of D-day, which is when America, Canada, and others arrived on its shores to help fight the war.
The battle in France began on Normandy and can also be a local celebration for France.
France offers some of the oldest festivals to celebrate their nation.